eFOLDi- ScottEdge Winner 2016!

eFOLDi a big WINNER!

“SunTech UK Ltd eFOLDi:  An innovate concept of a personal vehicle, which can be easily folded to a trolley or suitcase. Amount Awarded: £90,000 | Fife”

Following the big success at the Virgin VOOM competition pitching to Sir Richard Branson (for a quick glance click here ), we received another significant award: £90,000 from Scottish EDGE, a competition “aimed at identifying and supporting Scotland’s up-and-coming, innovative, high-growth-potential entrepreneurial talent.” So, we are officially an up-and-coming, innovative, high-growth-potential entrepreneurial talent. Which is very nice to reflect upon. Sumi Wang, eFOLDi’s founder, plans to use the prize, half of which is a loan and half a grant, to establish a R&D facility in Scotland, where we will work on cutting eFOLDi’s weight with space-age materials.

Astrology documents eFOLDi’s salutary effect on personality! What’s in your future?

Capricorn (December 22–January 19)
In eFOLDi: Humorous and disciplined; practical and patient
In traffic: Pessimistic and fatalistic; miserly and grudging

Aquarius (January 21–February 19)
In eFOLDi: Friendly and humanitarian; honest and inventive
In traffic: Perverse and unpredictable; intractable and contrary

Pisces (February 20–March 20)
In eFOLDi: Imaginative and compassionate; intuitive and kind
In traffic: Secretive and vague; weak-willed and easily led
Adapted from uncredited Internet chart

Meet Sumi!
If you’d like to meet Sumi and hear her transformative story from illness to innovation, head over to the free Naidex show—Europe’s biggest show dedicated to the care, rehabilitation, and lifestyle of people with a disability or impairment—at the NEC in Birmingham from 28th to 30th March. Sumi will be describing how her three-in-one transforming carlet was designed by her father, a famous circus engineer and inventor, to get himself around when his leg was broken. After a bout of her own illness put an end to her exciting London career, Sumi found her destiny: bringing her father’s invention to the world—and bringing fun back to going places. She’ll share her journey from invalid to innovator at 14.45 on 28th March in Theatre 6 and on 15.30 on 29th March and 14.45 on 30th March in Theatre 5. Or any other time during those 3 days, come and have fun with eFOLDi at stand H72!

True facts.
In the interest of setting a baseline, we looked into Guinness’s fastest time for a case to transform into a chair and then into an electric vehicle. When we searched Guinness for “folding car,” however, the site was nonplussed—it helpfully pointed out that we obviously meant “flying car” and then offered up the best it had.

Thus, we learned the following true facts:

  • The fastest time to pull a car connected by iron ropes to two full cans of Wahaha porridgesuctioned onto the hands of the pulling man was achieved China in 2010.
  • The fastest time to push a car 50 meters with a spear to the pusher’s throat was achieved on the set of Wir Holen den Rekord nach Deutschland (We Get the Record to Germany) in 2013.
  • The fastest time that a dog rolled down a manually operated car window was achieved in 2004 by a Hungarian border collie who managed it with his paws and nose.
  • The fastest speed for a car driven blindfolded is 200 miles per hour, achieved in 2014 in the UK—a remarkable harbinger of today’s political situation.

All in all, the juxtaposition of particular nation and particular eccentric achievement struck us as bizarrely appropriate. And it appears that the category of fastest folding e-carlet is wide open. Anyone want to establish a Guinness record?

ALERT!!! Con-way artist at large

Turning back to America, it has come to our attention that a party who is not us, is using eFOLDi’s name to trade in the States. Fortunately we have full protections of eFOLDi patent and trademark. So if you happen to cross paths with some organisation or individual in the US claiming they are eFOLDi representative in the states, please check with our UK headquarter first. Contact details are on our official website.

And now, let us close with a poem:
Avoid the reeking herd,
Shun the polluted flock,
Live like the eFOLDi,

And take to the sidewalk.
(Adapted from Elinor Wylie)

Thanks for reading!  We’ll write again soon.
Your eFOLDi friends

Let your suitcase carry you for once!

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    1. Hi Suzanne,
      We do offer ex display models and 2nd hand scooter. However we do not have weekly plan at the moment. I have asked our Sales to contact you.Thanks for getting in contact.
      eFOLDi Team

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