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eFoldi is the world’s most compact, lightweight, and versatile personal electric vehicle (PeV). It is so marvelously engineered that it can be neatly folded into a case for easy transport and storage as well as into a chair to rest on. eFoldi makes getting around easy and fun!

Lightweight Pro Li-ion battery, SuperPower brushless motor, AutoForged 6061 aluminium components … All are of supreme quality and remarkably expensive. That’s right. We have tried our very best to design and produce quality eFoldi at an attractive price.

eFoldi is so marvellously engineered because it’s the invention of Sumi Wang’s father, Jianmin Wang, who served as Technical Director of the Chinese Acrobatic Circus for 49 years. If you’ve ever seen the Chinese Acrobatic Circus, you know that it features some of the most marvelous engineering ever seen. Jianmin Wang’s mind is uniquely inventive, as is eFoldi! (For more background on eFoldi’s father-daughter team, click here.)

Our core mission is to put the fun of getting around within reach of everyone. We want eFoldi to be practical, money-saving, more fun than a barrel of monkeys, and imminently justifiable. We want your budget to feel smug. To further that mission, Jianmin used his half-century of circus expertise to create a finely engineered vehicle that’s lightweight and affordable (unlike competing aluminium personal e-vehicles) but unquestionable safe and strong.

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: As we say in eFoldi’s mission statement,

“We hate to see you in a jam, fuming on the inside and the outside. It’s our job to get you where you’re going in a happier way: Walk when you feel like it. Roll when you don’t.”

If you’d like to get around in a happier way, then eFoldi will suit you. Have a look at what current users say about eFoldi.

(If you are not able to walk or control your legs, eFoldi might not be your best option. In that case, please investigate our power wheelchair, which might suit you better.)

After a few tries, yes. (Be sure you’re present with a video camera for those initial attempts: It’s so amusing to watch someone trying to unfold eFoldi for the time without seeing any instructions .) Your eFoldi will arrive pre-tuned and ready to use, but it’s a wise move to precede your first venture with a good look at our eFoldi user manual, which contains useful and important operation and maintenance information. If you have an aversion to directions, at least watch the eFoldi demo video until you’ve got it down. It’s easy!
eFoldi has been tested carrying 120 kilograms (260 pounds/19 stone), which is far from svelte, and it functioned admirably. Technically, however, it’s designed for a maximum weight of 150 kilograms (330 pounds/23.6 stone)—definitely enough to trundle along perfectly with an unsvelte individual.
If you remove the battery, eFoldi weighs only 15 kilograms (33 pounds), much lighter than the packed suitcases that people are accustomed to tossing into their car boot. Even if you don’t remove the battery, eFoldi weighs less than 37 pounds. A 37-pound vehicle that can carry 220 pounds…not bad!
We at eFoldi value honesty not only in what is expressed but also in what is left unsaid. Thus, we are honor-bound to point out that eFoldi is not built for speed. You will not be thrown sideways during a curve or backward when (so to speak) putting pedal to the metal. By definition, eFoldi people are not into commuting as an extreme sport. (They actually aren’t that into commuting altogether, but we can only do so much.)

Alas for the speed demons among us, we are legally required to install a speed-limiter that holds eFoldi to 6 kilometers (4 miles) per hour on sidewalks and 12 kilometers (8 miles) per hour on roads. Take our word for it: At eight miles per hour, you feel like you’re really zipping along (especially when car traffic is at a standstill—it’s great for those who enjoy schadenfreude).

Yes. You are speeding (sort of) along with your brittle cranium exposed to the sidewalk. While you may not be legally required to wear a helmet in your country, we recommend that you do so when driving eFoldi. Your noggin cannot be replaced.
Considering its multi-functionality and its tidy foldability, the seat is reasonably comfortable. It’s 49 centimeters above the ground, just like a normal dining chair.
Performance on an incline depends upon the gradient of the ascent and the weight of the cargo: We’ve thoroughly tested eFoldi with a robust load of 150 kilograms (330 pounds/23.6 stone), and it easily handles a 1:5 slope (a slope that rises one vertical foot as it travels five horizontal feet). If you’re a hefty linebacker ascending a pinnacle, performance will, of course, be reduced. In that case, just collapse your eFoldi into its rolling case persona and up you go. (On foot. Hopefully it’s a short pinnacle.)
Well, it depends on exactly how off the road is. Thanks to its 12-inch-diameter front wheel and 10-inch-diameter rear wheels, Efoldi boasts impressive stability and a ground clearance of 12 centimeters (4.72 inches). Theoretically, therefore, it could navigate some pretty rugged terrain. However, we would not recommend it. Pavement is eFoldi’s preferred milieu.
eFoldi is equipped with mud guards and is designed to be water-resistant. The battery box is sealed water-tight. However we wouldn’t recommend riding it in the pouring rain because you would get wet—unless, of course, you were carrying an umbrella. We’re counting on the eFoldi community to come up with a rain awning. In the meantime, maybe you’d like to invent an umbrella bracket?
Really long. We offer two battery packs:
• The AirSafe battery pack is allowed for air travel, weighs 1.1 kilograms (2.4 pounds) and will carry you up to 7 kilometers (4+ miles) on a full charge.
• The FarReach battery pack is designed for long range, weighs 1.8 kilograms (3.9 pounds), and can take you up to 22 kilometers (14 miles) on a full charge.

Of course, those distances assume that you’re not a sumo wrestler on the road to Pike’s Peak. Actual travel distance varies depending on road surface, road grade, and driver poundage.

Yes, but regulations based upon why you are driving eFoldi dictate which battery is permitted.

  • If you use your eFoldi as a personal e-vehicle for commuting, the largest Li-ion battery pack you may bring on a flight is 100 Wh. The AirSafe battery (24V, 4Ah), which is 96 Wh, qualifies as legal for everyone.
  • If you are physically challenged and drive eFoldi as a mobility vehicle, you are allowed to bring the FarReach battery (24V, 12Ah) on board.
  • You may also bring an extra battery pack, but please note that no battery may be left in checked-in luggage. It must be carried through the security check and into the cabin.


More details can be found on IATA and airline websites:

To use eFoldi as mobility scooter, see clause 1.4 on page 4:

Please always check with the airlines you are flying with, as they do have their own handling procedures.

The new eFoldi has a key switch to turn it on and off and a key to secure the battery pack. But really, preventing theft is a very simple matter: Just drive or roll your eFoldi wherever you go. When you get there, fold it into a chair and sit on it. An aspiring thief would have to steal it right out from under you.

Our mission is to make things better. Obviously, that requires not making things worse, which would be the case if you spent your hard-earned money on an eFoldi and it didn’t go.

We’re dead-set on our mission, so this is how we work things:
1. When you call us, we answer; when you email us, we reply—and carry on a friendly conversation.
2. If you have a problem, we fix it. We provide a 12-month warranty for all design defects except affecting consumables like tyres and LED bulbs.

That pretty much covers it. Honestly, we just aren’t that busy in the second department.

eFoldi is designed to be practical, so we use commonly sourced parts wherever possible. We’re happy to help you locate anything you might eventually need, from a new battery to spare wheels, at the lowest possible price.
At the moment, those of you in the UK are the lucky ones: We’re based here, and it’s easy to find a shop to test-drive an eFOLDi if you live here too. If you don’t, your luck may change shortly because we are rapidly developing an international distribution network. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be alerted when new shops join us.

If you’d like to have more information from us please do not hesitate to contact us? At

From our depots in the UK, the US, and China, we ship to addresses in the US, Canada, the UK, most European countries, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. For information on delivery to other countries, please email us at
To the UK, shipping costs £129(GBP).
To the rest of the world, shipping costs $199(USD).
Additional duties or taxes may apply depending upon your country’s policies.

For example, if you live in the UK or European region and buying eFoldi as normal e-vehicle, you would be charged 20% VAT on top of the goods and shipping. The VAT will be exempt if you are eligible to VAT relief.

We treat personal data security with extreme care. Payments are securely handled, and all personal data and card details are fully protected.

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