eFOLDi is nearly here.

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We are nearly ready for our launch, we’ve dotted the i’s and crossed our fingers and soon we’ll light the little blue touch paper and stand well back.

Before we launch though, I thought it might be fun to look back at the journey that brought us here.

I never imagined I would be an entrepreneur. I thought I’d settle down with my university job in London and retire with a secured pension three decades later (oh yes, I’m still young…), but my unplanned and prolonged illness changed everything, including closing the door to career progression in the university…  However, who would have guessed, two years later, when I finally got my painkiller-free life back, eFOLDi opened a brand new window for me to breathe free air as an entrepreneur!

What shocked me the most is that, despite the countless sleepless nights, I actually love being an entrepreneur!

I Googled entrepreneur to make sure I got the definition right and there are all sorts of boring versions from Start up founder to fledgling business leader etc. etc., but the one I liked the most was this:


– A person who jumps off a cliff and tries to build a plane on the way down.

This made me laugh and I kind of understand where it’s coming from, but I think if we have made a plane, then ours is an absolute beauty.

So how did we end up here half way down a cliff face in our brand new plane?

I blame my dad really. I guess I should have realised normal life wasn’t going to be easy with him around.  This is the problem with genius: it seldom sits still or moves in straight lines.  eFOLDi IS one of his latest projects, but he has always had something brewing in the workshop.

My dad has always loved music so it’s no surprise that most of his inventions have a musical grounding. In his career he’s made flutes out of toy guns and cellos from kettle drums and they all sound as good as they look, sometimes better. He is also an accomplished musician and has performed many concerts using his own unique creations all over China.

Additionally as the chief engineer for the Chinese Acrobatic Circus he has designed world firsts and award winning creations, which were all designed to deceive the eye and put the audiences hearts in their throat. It is this unique genius and problem solving, which makes eFOLDi so special and I am really proud of my eccentric father and all his fantastic mind bending creations and inventions

Please enjoy the little gallery and a video clip below – I shot the video with my mobile phone when I took my parents to Covent Garden for afternoon tea. When my dad heard the group playing music, he took out his own invented portable flute and joined them! If you haven’t already, please sign up to our mailing list so we can share with you any updates on eFOLDi.

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